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Test Utilization Management


| Laboratory Decision System |

LDS is a Testing Management and Utilization platform which identifies the most medically relevant tests. 



| Platform That Profiles Lab Orders |

LDS Analytics is a platform that profiles lab orders to ensure medical necessity is met.

Lab Testing Guidelines

LDS scores tests and assigns a numerical or color-coded score based on clinical relevance, medical necessity and testing indication. 

Tests can be ordered by procedure, CPT code, disease or ICD10 code. Every order includes the appropriate diagnostic ICD10 code — allowing your lab or hospital to easily verify claims, improve reimbursement and increase revenue.


| Laboratory Decision System |

LDS is a Testing Management and Utilization platform that serves as a laboratory decision system. It utilizes Medical Database’s proprietary ranking algorithm and assists healthcare providers in determining the most relevant tests to select based on disease, symptoms and ICD10 Codes. 

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Assists providers in selecting and ordering the most clinically appropriate tests.


Streamlines reimbursement by matching ICD10 codes to each order/procedure.


Decreases healthcare costs by reducing overutilization of unnecessary tests and minimizing the number of tests sent out to reference labs.


Improves patient care by identifying clinically important tests shortening the timeline to diagnosis and treatment.


Increases efficiency by ensuring medical necessity is met before claims are submitted, including pre-authorization of genetic and esoteric testing.


LDS Benefits to Providers, Laboratories, Hospitals and Payers

Assists providers in selecting and ordering the most clinically appropriate tests.


Streamlines reimbursement by matching ICD10 codes to each order/procedure.


Decreases healthcare costs by reducing overutilization of unnecessary tests and minimizing the number of tests sent out to reference labs.


Improves patient care by identifying clinically important tests shortening the timeline to diagnosis and treatment.


Increases efficiency by ensuring medical necessity is met before claims are submitted, including pre-authorization of genetic and esoteric testing.



LDS Analytics checks each claim for CPT and ICD10 codes to ensure it meets the medical necessity for reimbursement.


LDS Analytics checks submitted CPT codes against the procedure or test to ensure the correct CPT code is used.


LDS Analytics will also check Medicare LCD policies, and make sure submitted CPT and ICD10 codes meet medical necessity for the associated LCD.


LDS Analytics checks CPT and ICD10 codes for each submitted claim to ensure that the correct lab test, CPT code and ICD10 code is used for a given diagnosis. The system has the capability to recommend an alternative lab test, CPT code or ICD10 code, if available, for each order which will lead to improved reimbursement.


LDS Analytics uses a medical evidence-based score, which is calculated using Medical Database’s proprietary disease/test database and Medicare’s coverage database. With the medical evidence-based score, the system can make recommendations for more effective and clinically relevant tests and more accurate CPT and ICD10 codes, which can educate providers and improve reimbursement rates.


LDS Analytics will list the payer’s reasons for denial, which will help improve the denial detection system for future claims.


LDS Analytics creates reports for labs, individual providers and practices as needed. These reports show paid, partially paid and denied claims, most commonly denied CPT codes and the most common denial codes with descriptions of the reason for denial.


LDS Analytics has an HTTP API interface that can be used to add orders in real-time as they arrive. Order data files can be uploaded and removed individually. The system supports numerous formats including HL7, through a Mirth Connect server.





A Lab Medical Necessity Check Software

LDS Analytics is an enterprise analytics platform that profiles and benchmarks lab orders and remittance by physicians, practices and labs. The system is designed to check every claim and ensure the medical necessity is met to increase revenue by improving reimbursement.

About Medical Database

Medical Database, Inc

Medical Database provides reliable and updated medical information to healthcare providers, insurance companies, and educational institutions. Our content, written by medical and pharmacy professionals, comprises a range of medical databases to assist healthcare providers in making appropriate clinical decisions, meeting medical necessity, and maintaining compliance.


Our Mission

Our mission is to assist healthcare professionals and organizations in providing the best care to patients by offering reliable, accurate, and insightful medical information in an accessible and professional manner—resulting in better patient outcomes at a reduced cost.


Our Goal

Medical Database strives to be an industry-leading provider of medical information for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.





Safedin Sajo Beqaj, PhD, HCLD (ABB)

Founder, President & CEO

Dr. Sajo Beqaj is board certified in molecular pathology and genetics. He has been practicing as a laboratory director since 2005. He received his Ph.D. in Pathology from Wayne State University Medical School, Detroit, Michigan. He performed his post-doctoral fellowship at Abbott Laboratories from 2001-2003. He continued his career as a Research Assistant Professor at Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois until 2005 when he joined Path Group Labs, Nashville, Tennessee as Laboratory Director in molecular diagnostics. In 2008 he joined DCL Medical Laboratories as Laboratory Director for Clinical Pathology where he was responsible for clinical laboratory operations and technical operations including development and implementation of new tests and technologies. After the acquisition of DCL by LabCorp, Dr. Beqaj joined Pathology, Inc in Torrance, CA where he served as Laboratory Director for clinical laboratories. Although he is a board certified high-complexity laboratory director and oversees all clinical pathology operations, his field of expertise is in molecular diagnostics and genetic testing. Dr. Beqaj has published more than 20 medical textbook chapters and journal articles. He is a member of numerous medical and scientific associations and has served on a number of clinical laboratory regulatory and scientific committees and has assisted several laboratories and physicians as a Clinical Laboratory Consultant.

Helene Pretsky

Chief Operating Officer, Regulatory and Legal Advisor

Helene Pretsky is a consummate corporate/securities attorney with an expertise in intellectual property who has spent her entire 31-year legal career on representing start-up and growth-oriented companies based on some form of IP, with a focus on companies in the healthcare industry. She specializes in overall business strategies for early-stage companies coupled with three decades of experience in private placements, mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures; intellectual property licensing and acquisition agreements, co-development agreements, international and domestic distribution and sales agreements. She began her career in the bio-med/bio-tech industries in San Diego, CA in 1987 at Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison, one of the oldest and most prestigious California law firms, where she specialized in structuring and raising funding for early-stage companies in the pharmaceuticals industry. An entrepreneur at heart, Ms. Pretsky eventually applied her vast experience in building IP businesses to co-founding and holding top management positions at several start-up companies, both public and private. She received her JD from UCLA School of Law where she was a member of its Law Review. She was the Steering Committee for IDEAS Los Angeles, a new tech conference sponsored by Tel Aviv University which focused on innovations in the healthcare industry.

Timothy Hamill, MD

Medical Advisor

Tim is a Professor Emeritus in the UCSF Dept. of Laboratory Medicine and served as the Vice Chair and Director of Clinical Laboratories at UCSF for over 24 years. He is committed to using his extensive experience in Clinical Pathology and laboratory administration for the advancement of the MDB lab decision system. Tim was a member of numerous UCSF Medical Center committees and professional societies, including Chair of the UCSF Medical Center Point of Care Testing Committee and UCSF Clinical Laboratory Quality Assurance Committee. He was also the Chair of the California Department of Health Services Clinical Laboratory Technology Advisory Committee (CLTAC), and is a board member and past Chair of the California Society of Pathologists. In addition, Tim is a fellow of the American Society of Clinical Pathologists and College of American Pathologists.

Craig Shimasaki, PhD, MBA

Strategic Advisor

Dr. Shimasaki is a scientist, businessperson and entrepreneur, having co-founded three biotechnology companies. He is the President and CEO of Moleculera Labs and BioSource Consulting. His personal career mission has been to bring medically needed products from research, clinical testing, regulatory approval, to the public so that more patients can be tested and treated. He has spent the past 31 years developing diagnostic and therapeutic products, working with the FDA, conducting clinical trials, manufacturing and business development, starting his career at Genentech working on the processes development of an HIV vaccine. Dr. Shimasaki has worked to bring 5 products through the FDA 510(k) approval process and he has served in various roles at several companies, from Director of Project Planning, VP of Research and Development, Chief Operating Officer and CEO. Dr. Shimasaki is an inventor on multiple patents for diagnostic and clinical testing products. He serves on numerous boards and teaches as an adjunct professor at the University of Oklahoma in the Entrepreneurship Program at the Price School of Business. He has written two books to that train scientists and physicians how to bring medically-needed products to market, titled “The Business of Bioscience: What Goes Into Making a Biotechnology Product” and “Biotechnology Entrepreneurship: Starting, Managing and Leading Biotech Companies.” These books are being used as curriculum at universities that train future biotechnology entrepreneurs. Dr. Shimasaki completed his B.S. in Biochemistry at U.C. Davis, his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology from the University of Tulsa, and his MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Business.

Amy G. Duncan


Lead by a core of authenticity, purpose-driven, and principles based life, Amy's enthusiasm for health and wellness is contagious. Originally from St. Louis, MO, Amy graduated with from the University of Missouri St. Louis with a B.S Business Marketing, minor in Chemistry. Amy has traveled frequently to pursue a career in healthcare - from nearly five years at Walgreens Pharmacy, to leading sales at Ricoh and Nihon Kohden, a healthcare medical device company. Amy then transitioned to the Biotech industry to blend her expertise in sales, marketing, and operations as the Chief Operating Officer at a genetics laboratory, Vantari Genetics. In October 2016, after her husband’s malignant brain tumor returned, she left her position at the laboratory to follow her own dreams. She now pursues her passions and fulfills her entrepreneurial visions leading her own companies and other startups to success. She launched Mowellens, a conscious cannabis wellness company, in March 2018.  She is a wellness contributor to Ariana Huffington’s Thrive Global Magazine and has been featured in US Weekly, Chalkboard Mag, Medium, and Authority Magazine.  

Ronald A. Blum, PhD

Marketing and Business Development

With over 20 years’ experience in marketing, business development, and clinical trials management in the healthcare industry, Dr. Blum has helped companies drive growth, expand into new markets and increase profitability and valuation. He has been instrumental in bringing to market hundreds of new and enhanced assays in the fields of oncology, endocrinology, immunology, cardiology, genetics, infectious disease, gastroenterology, neurology and women’s health. He has served in senior executive leadership roles at major medical laboratories such as Specialty Laboratories, DiagnoCure, Exiqon, Pathology, Inc. and RDL Labs. Dr. Blum has lectured internationally on the latest developments in personalized medicine, biotechnology, and laboratory science, and has published extensively. He serves as Editorial Advisor to Clinical Lab Products magazine, is on the Board of Directors for the California Medical Technology Association Education & Research Corporation, and has been an advisor on the Molecular and Oncology Advisory Boards for Roche Diagnostics. He has also served as a judge for the prestigious International Health & Medical Media Awards. In addition to his experience in healthcare, he has worked in the entertainment industry for over 25 years. A writer, producer and actor, he began his screenwriting career while a graduate student in Biophysics at UC Berkeley. By his second year he signed with an agency, and sold his first property to Disney shortly before completing his doctorate. His diverse writing has spanned from animation to medical dramas to live-action thrillers. In 2014, he founded the independent production company Castle Shore Films, LLC. His first production “City of Gold” is an action-adventure/thriller feature set in the jungles of Peru and scheduled for release in 2018. He is also a member of SAG-AFTRA and ASCAP. Dr. Blum received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from UCLA before attending UCLA’s School of Dentistry. After completing two years with honors, he switched fields and obtained his Master of Science degree in Physics from California State University, Northridge, and then earned his Ph.D. in Biophysics from UC Berkeley.


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